Product inspiration
“Ηuman flourishing”. Α contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. For Aristotle, eudaimonia, is enough to give meaning to human life.

εudaimonia jewelry is "Made to Order". Please allow 7 working days for delivery.
If you wish a different finish or if your order is urgent you may contact us.
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Product description

Wear the Eudaimonia Bracelet as a reminder of the meaning you want to give in your life. This iconic jewel is designed to ensure the perfect fit around the wrist.

Our EUDAIMONIA Bracelet is crafted in Silver 925 Polished, Yellow Gold 9K Polished, Rose Gold 9K Polished, White Gold 9K Polished finishes.​

εudaimonia jewelry is ‘Made to Order’. Please allow 7 working days for delivery.

Product care instructions…  Long live the jewelry! A few, useful tips for a long and happy life together.

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